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PPG FLEETWATCH® site - AJM Spraying Services in Bathgate, West Lothian

AJM Ltd, are one of the leading commercial vehicle repair centres in Central Scotland providing many different functions for a variety of customers. Bert and Hugh McMillan have built their business over the last 29 years on their attention to customer service, quality and efficient repair times which minimises vehicle off road times.

In 2007 they moved into a new 9-bay purpose built facility, containing two commercial spray booths, each allowing them to paint everything from cars through to a 13.6m double deck trailer.

As a proud member of FleetWatch, they have proven to be forward thinking and one of the most reliable partners to work with. Investing consistently in their business Bert and Hugh has acquired a facility capable of more than most.

Hugh McMillan states, “Our aim is to meet the needs of our customers, be that of the individual or commercial fleet operators. Over the years, we have worked alongside blue chip companies, large commercial companies, insurance companies and accident management teams. We guarantee our customers our very best quality service.”

Underpinning their quality is the accreditation of PPG FleetWatch which they realise the wider community recognise as a badge of quality and Bert emphasises, “indeed we are thrilled to be part of FleetWatch as we have the support in quality materials, technical services from PPG and it gives us access to networks for business we may otherwise be excluded from.”

This business now caters for accident repair, general painting and rebranding of commercial vehicles and even on to coach building, giving many customers an array of services all in one place. This even extends to full vehicle recovery provision and mobile repairs where necessary.

They offer mechanical servicing and repairs on cars and commercials and MOT up to 3.5t limit, air conditionings services and a profession valet to complete the formidable skill sets available.

Posted on: Jan 18, 2017