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PPG Fleet Livery Management

A quick guide to FLEETWATCH® - Refurbishment and Rebranding

Many large commercial vehicle fleet operators are faced with the problem of achieving and maintaining a consistently high standard of vehicle livery whilst minimising downtime and obtaining maximum “value for money”. In addition to that, some fleet operators can also be faced with lengthy and expensive off road time following a collision within the fleet.

PPG Fleet Livery Management (FLM) is designed to assist Fleets to get the best from their fleet image in a cost agreed and controlled environment with warranty assurance.

Why use PPG Fleet Livery Management (FLM)

PPG FLM can support businesses in a variety of ways to best suit any requirements necessary. As a starting point, it is paramount that the team at PPG gain a clear understanding of the corporate livery to ensure that consistency is achieved.

Following initial brand discussions, experienced professionals will inspect the fleet and evaluate the work required to meet quality standards. From the initial assessment FLM can identify any potential issues and recommend alternative ways to approach the livery and find the most beneficial solution for the customer.

Once concept is agreed, the focus is turned to the environment in which the vehicles will operate. Product recommendations are then created to guarantee best processes is maximised helping to control costs whilst ensuring that the paint system will meet expectations.

Once the processes and products are agreed, PPG will build a comprehensive Paint and Livery document that will fully identify all aspects of the branding. This can include

  • Specific colour references to improve consistency

  • Paint systems to meet life expectancy

  • Demarcation areas between colours for accuracy in design

  • Size and placement of corporate decals

  • Safety signage


The FLEETWATCH® network of paint shops and repairers works to negotiate the best rates to execute the livery as prescribed. This budgeting process is something PPG can undertake on behalf of the customer, across the network, or to simply to make the right introductions. At this point FLM can introduce external contractors that can assist with graphics, signage or removable advertising.

The Paint and Livery document becomes the rule book for the customer branding, ensuring that work carried out in any paintshop will meet every expectation. The finished vehicle will be photographed for desk top approval and compliance, and this will be supported with certified conformity of the met specification. This conformity will activate the agreed warranty for that specific vehicle.

The PPG / FleetWatch warranty covers both paint and labour in the event of non-compliance, providing both guarantee and customer peace of mind. Additionally, all projects can be run by FleetWatch centrally, therefore managing vehicles directly with customer operations teams ensures there is minimal vehicle off road time.

PPG Fleet Livery Management can manage the paint shop network, the contractors and other external suppliers throughout the process. All contractors would then invoice directly to PPG FLM and from here all invoicing and payments are collated and consolidated ready for customer invoicing, helping reduce business administration costs.

For more information or to discuss an upcoming project for both new and old vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact PPG Fleet Livery Management.

Posted on: Jun 14, 2016