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INDUSTRY INSIGHT: sopp+sopp launch connected cameras

sopp+sopp, formed back in 2003, is a specialist in Incident and Repair Management, providing solutions for corporate fleets, insurers and vehicle/body manufactures.

The services offered by sopp+sopp supports fleets of all sizes, from HGV’s to LCV’s, right through to cars, to ensure that downtime is minimised and costs are controlled in the instance of an incident. sopp+sopp works alongside the FLEETWATCH® network to ensure that vehicles are repaired to the highest standard in the quickest time.

sopp+sopp is excited to announce the launch of connected cameras and real time monitored alerts to commence the claims process within minutes of the incident taking place. This innovative technology is a fully integrated solution designed to maximise operational and claim cost savings for any fleet.

Fraud and Third Party Costs are still the biggest driver for increasing the cost of claims, everything from uninsured drivers and exaggerated injuries to alleged incidents and staged accidents are all factors. The new crash detection cameras work to improve claim liability defence, increase driver duty of care and ultimately increase brand protection, whilst also delivering a saving to the customer.

The IT1000 3G Camera can be fitted professionally into any vehicle type with minimum downtime. The camera then continually transmits, via 3G network, video and data which is then stored on secure servers. Should a crash be detected sopp+sopp are automatically notified within 5 minutes and will start the process of getting both the customers’ vehicle and third party’s vehicle repaired and back on the road.

5 reasons why crash notification is important

  1. The driver can be supported immediately following a collision.

  2. Increases brand protection by faster handling and resolving liability quicker, minimising unnecessary costs.

  3. Organised fraud can be better detected.

  4. There is a proven link between notification time and third party intervention success.

  5. Manages driver behaviour to reduce accident frequency.

For more information head to the sopp+sopp website http://www.soppandsopp.co.uk/ 

Category: Industry News Posted on: Nov 03, 2016