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Industry Insight – Gray & Adams

From a small town business in 1957 to today’s flourishing business, Joint Managing Directors James and Peter of Gray & Adams speak of sustainable growth, industry movement and planning for the future.

Back in 1957 Jim Gray and Jim Adams started a small car repair business in Fraserburgh, Scotland. The business was built repairing and painting of vehicles in the local area.

Today the image of this small town business is somewhat different; with Gray & Adams specialising in the building of refrigerated trailers and rigid bodies. The business currently turns over around£100million each year with many of the UK high profile retail stores, especially those in the supermarket industry.

Gray & Adams Fraserburgh premises has been the main site of the business since 1966, however extensive expansion works saw the site grow both in the late 80’s and early 90’s. In 2000 the business grew again to see a 12 acre expansion for the chassis manufacturing then shortly after in 2004 investment was made into the repair facilities operation.

Working with PPG and formerly ICI Autocolor, Gray & Adams have always been loyal to the Nexa paint brand. Managing Director, James Gray, spoke positively regarding this long standing business relationship. “We have enjoyed a long term relationship with PPG going back over 30 years which has undoubtedly benefited both companies”.

James then added “We have built a strong working relationship with PPG and they have worked hard to support us over the years. New product innovation has meant that we are able to produce trailers of aesthetically high quality.”

The business is proud to have been part of the FLEETWATCH® approved network for decades; reinforcing the quality of paint product used at their Fraserburgh, Doncaster, Belfast and Bedford sites. This also denotes the skill levels maintained over the years including excellent on-site technical support whilst ensuring best practise is observed.

Gray & Adams operate in an ever changing industry, when asked if the .com home delivery market has had an effect on the trailer business James said; “Not in the least. There is still a clear demand to move bulk perishables from hubs to stores, the home delivery market is in a completely different league. We are confident with the market we operate in and the service we can provide to our customers.”


Whilst the business specialises in refrigerated trailers and bodies, gray & Adams also provide prisoner escort vehicles, clinical waste vehicles and intermodal trailers.


Category: Industry News Posted on: Jun 14, 2016