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FleetWatch Paintspec

Paintspec is a custom paint and livery specification tailored to meet the needs of each individual fleet. PPG technical specialists will identify the exact design, colours, paint products and processes required for each vehicle type in the fleet. This information is compiled into a manual, your unique ‘Paintspec’, which assists fleet engineers across the country to achieve right first time results.

Colour is very important part of fleet branding and is necessary to gain consistent matching. Specific codes are established and maintained against a standard formula so that the refurbishment, repaint or repair your fleet looks consistent across the board, no matter where the work is carried out within the network.

The standardisation of a colour is where many companies are let down, but this is where PPG and FLEETWATCH® thrive. To us your fleet is an extension of the main business, it is a rolling advertising board that reflects the ethos of your business. Therefore if the fleet looks varied or has poor detailing it may not be sending out the correct messaging to your customers.

The aim of FleetWatch Paintspec is to engage with the fleet owners to fully understand the corporate livery alongside the company branding. FleetWatch Paintspec experts can undertake a fleet audit with fleet Marketing or Engineers to establish the common rules of the business.

Corporate livery is created with a clear understanding of fleet brand, the Paintspec covers a pallet of colours, design rules such as shape, size and quality of graphics as well as their supply and application. The Paintspec document also covers aspects such as:

  • How to ensure consistency

  • Safe signage required and conspicuity markings

  • Industry warning details required

All the above and more is what PPG FleetWatch invest time in, to ensure our fleet customers receive a document that can work to gain corporate compliance, but in the hands of builders, refurbishment sites, painters and repairers enabling the fleet livery to be managed through one point of call.

To find out more or to enquire as to how PPG FleetWatch can assist your business, contact our CT Business Development Manager, David Holden, on dholden@ppg.com or call 07798 805 902 to discuss your needs.


FLEETWATCH® & PaintSpec are registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio. Inc

Category: Industry News Posted on: Aug 11, 2016